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Thursday, May 13, 2021

How To Win in Interviews

 How To Win in Interviews

Many believe that interviews are really somethings very hard and not everyone is meant to have the job. My reply most times to such is "why can't you be the one to get the job?"

Attending interviews and actually scaling through requires alot but mostly from you as the person involved.

The biggest mistake made by many when going for interviews is that they lack the adequate preparations to make them above other candidates. I can remember a job I applied for sometime back and this job had over 30,000 applicants and they needed just 12 candidates for the job.

I got the job finally and what I could hear from people was "he has someone working in the company, that is why he got the job", little did they know that I don't know anyone in the company.

Preparation for winning job interviews requires alot and I am really serious about this statement. Get to know much about the company and the role you are applying for. 

You shouldn't expect to enter the company and not know anything about them. The person employing you will feel that if you do not know the smallest thing about them, then you are not fit for the job at all.

Then know the role you're applying for. Don't make your employer feel you applied for the role randomly because you saw it on the Internet or job board . Make them realise that you applied for the position because you can do the job and you are ready for the position.

Also, your composure at interviews matters. The way you sit. Learn to have the power posture that will make them think you are confident even if you lack confidence. The way you appear in front of the interviewers tells alot about you.

Learn to look at the person asking you the questions per time, it gives them this feeling that they are not speaking to themselves and when responding also, look at them in the face.

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