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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Little Child Seen Protesting For #GeorgeFloyd (Photos)

Little Child Seen Protesting For #GeorgeFloyd (Photos)

Touching moment as a man took his child to join in the current protest of #GeorgeFloyd death.

Although it is not clear what the child really wrote on his placard, but the message is passed to the world.

Many took to the street in different parts of the world to join in the protests despite the curfew in some part.

This protests started after a cop in Minneapolis killed a 46 year old man, George Floyd claiming that he was to be arrested on the case of forgery but that he resisted arrest.

But from several footages uploaded, it shows that George Floyd did not resist the arrest as claimed by the police officers.

Many celebrities have also taken to the street to protest for this cause and some donated to bail those arrested as a result of the protest.

Drake was one of those that donated $100,000 while Floyd Mayweather donated for George Floyd's burial.

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