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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

My Neighbor's Wife Wants Me, But I Don't Want Her

A few weeks ago, I had a neighbor in the estate where I stay, he turned out to be an Alhaji. I never spoke to him, not until recent that we crossed path and had no choice but to greet him.

After a week of our first encounter, behold a very beautiful lady steps into the house. His house and my house has just one main entrance. When she stepped in, I was shirtless and didn't know she was coming, she opened the main door and lo and behold, there she was. She immediately apologized for opening the door while I was shirtless and I replied her that it wasn't a problem, as at that time, Alhaji was not at home.

About 4 hours later, she knocked at my door and I asked who it was, she replied and I opened the door, she was just staring at me. I felt uncomfortable and asked her what she wanted and then she got herself back saying she needed the key to the main entrance. In my mind, I said, "mehn, but this lady entered with her key na". But I ignored my mind and just gave her mine to open the door.

She did not bring back the key till around 12am, by then, I was already asleep when she knocked again. I then woke up and opened my door and there she was again staring. So I stretched out my hand for my key, instead I felt her hand all over me, caressing me. I sighted my key from a distance and headed for it, and I got it and closed my door. This lady stood outside my door for upto 30 minutes before leaving.

I'm so confused, I really don't know what to do.., help!

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