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Sunday, April 14, 2019

APC Reacts To The Prevailing Questions of The Nation

APC Reacts To The Prevailing Questions of The Nation 

The All Progressive Party of Nigeria took to their official Twitter page to react to the prevailing questions in the nation. 

See what they wrote...

Reaction to prevailing questions:
We are inundated with reports of our members in the National Assembly holding consultations with members of the opposition over the election of leaders into the 9th National Assembly.

Let me state that our party has no objection to such consultations. It is a normal democratic practice world over to stretch hands across the divides. And contrary to some media reports, the actions of our members do not contradict the party's position.

APC has comfortable majority in both chambers, therefore; we have the number to produce the leadership.
But democracy recognises the importance of the opposition. Especially when you do not have two-third which would be required at some very critical situations.

For us as a ruling party, we understand that a stable and peaceful National Assembly would enhance our capacity to deliver more for the people of Nigeria.
So the party is not averse to negotiation by Senator Ahmed Lawan and our other Senators-elect working to fulfil the position taken by our party.

It is important to note that one of the key considerations for adopting him as the party's candidate for the Senate Presidency is his ability to carry everyone along. On top of that, the party has confidence in him not to compromise the progressive ideology of APC.

So clearly, Senator Ahmed Lawan is capable of conducting his negotiations within the prism of APC's objectives.

On Zoning and Leadership of @HouseNGR :
Our party will soon release the zoning arrangements for the principal positions of the incoming 9th National Assembly.
The party will also make its position clear in the coming days on the principal positions in @HouseNGR

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