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Monday, March 18, 2019

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Pictured With TD Jakes (Photos)

Pastor Paul Adefarasin Pictured With TD Jakes (Photos)

The founder of 'House on the Rock' Church pastor Paul Adefarasin was pictured with Pastor TD Jakes in new photos. He took the photos to his Official Instagram page with this caption...

"Thrilling to catch up with The Colossus - what a phenomenon BTDJ is!!!! He’s Amazing as the prince of preachers. 
Revelational as a consultant. 
Masterful as a systems builder. Outstanding as a business strategist. Remarkable as a life and entrepreneurial coach; and exceptional as a friend, father, mentor and leader. "
"Lunch was amazing!! The food was good, oh yes! It really was. But the main course was the impact of the conversation with a king of counsel."
"What a blessing!!! “Bish”, Yu de Maan!! I took my sons to meet with my father. They were awed by the unassuming mien of the man, yet inspired to see their own father in the role of a son to his father; it spoke copious volumes to them."
"We are all still basking in the after glory of the Hand of God upon the lunch meeting and the life of BTDJ. It was like refreshing streams of cold water in the sweltering heat of a dry place to sit at meat with Bishop Jakes over lunch. "
Every father needs a father ... Thanks for coming to our region - you are always a blessing.

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