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Monday, March 4, 2019

Missing Lagos Househelp finally Found

Missing Lagos Househelp finally Found

The house help in Lagos who was declared missing yesterday has been found finally. The incident of her being missing caused panic most especially to those who were her guardians as they said she left the house in the morning without returning.

The news of her return came yesterday when a good Samaritan saw her wandering and he took it upon himself to bring her back home. He claimed he recognized her after seeing photos of her trending online.

Till this moment, the young lady cannot give a valid and reasonable reason why she left the house and refused to return. Her boss has decided to take her back to the village where she came from to avoid the repetition of this.

According to a post shared by a facebook user by name 'Possible Oge' she wrote

Amaka went from Ago to Bucknor, and spent the night with who she has refused to disclose, the woman that brought her back said she saw her this sunday evening around her area in Jakande estate and recognized her, now insisted that she must carry her home 
The good woman brought her back! She is going back to the village, first thing 2mao morning!
Thanks to everyone who were really supportive, mhen, the support and encouragements was overwhelming, thank you guys so much!!

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