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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Which is Better For Nigeria? 4 Political Parties or 68

Which is Better For Nigeria? 4 Political Parties or 68

When I was in NYSC camp, a debate topic came up on which is better for the country we live in today, and it involved the issue revolving round the political parties we have in the country. The question asked was that, which one is better for this country, having just 4 political parties or having the 68 registered political parties. 

I did a recent survey on how many political parties people in the country are well aware of and it turned out that most people are only aware of the two prominent parties which are PDP and APC, when I turn to the left to ask people who they want to vote for, turns out the only two names that ring in their head is Buhari or A tiki. 

One of my friend once said hilariously earlier this year that there are only two political parties in Nigeria, the rest of them are just 'class party'. We laughed over it, but it got me thinking seriously over again on which is better.

From the debate at NYSC camp, people raised great points from both sides and I was able to grab one strong point from each. Those that said there should be just 4 parties in Nigeria said it is better that way because having 68 means more cost,  one of which includes the cost of campaign among others. 

On the other hand, those that were for the motion that the country should have 68 political parties were on the stand point that there will be diversity of ideas from each political parties, so that Nigerians will be able to choose the party that best fits what they want to have. 

So the question is now open to all, which option is best for Nigeria?

Writer: Sunday Joseph

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