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Friday, February 15, 2019

Message From The Nigerian Police Force For The 2019 General Elections

Message From The Nigerian Police Force For The 2019 General Elections

The Nigerian Police Force has passed a message today to the citizens of Nigeria concerning the upcoming elections. The FPRO,  Frank Mba said this while speaking to ChannelsTV.

"Nigerians should expect a robust security arrangement for the election, we have the Election Monitoring Intelligence Team already on ground following up on the security threat analysis carried out. We are professionals and our loyalty is to the Nigerian people"

"IGP MA ADAMU's deployment of Senior Police Officers for the elections is without any political colouration but based on competence and merit. We are public servants and not regional or local police officers and we can function professionally anywhere deployed."

"There will be strong synergy & collaboration between the Police & other security agencies. All security personnel deployed will be guided by the same rules of engagement and SOP with filled gap in areas of manpower and material resources, technical know-how and general knowledge"

Also the Police IGP, M.A Adamu took to the Nigerian Police Force official Twitter page the following message...

"Our officers are properly mobilized, trained & adequately motivated to act professionally in the elections. Election Duty Allowances have already been paid directly into individual salary account. We won't disappoint the Nigerian people"

"Any citizen that intends to offer himself/herself to be used negatively as cannon folders for political actors should either have a rethink or be ready to face the consequences. We will deal decisively with elements that attempt to test our will by engaging in electoral offences"

"I have set up a Special Election Investigation Team (SEIT) tasked with the exclusive functions of taking in custody and undertaking detailed investigation of all arrested electoral offenders including those involved in vote buying and selling across the country."

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