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Saturday, February 16, 2019

'A Date With God' - A Story By Omoobajesu Achiever

It was a Sunday morning, when I woke up really late for church service. I took my bath in a hurry and brushed my hair like I used to. I picked up my black shirt from my hanger and wore my trousers. I hurriedly picked up a random belt from my shelf and wore it as I slipped my legs into my shoes. I was about opening my room door when I realized I didn’t have my bible with me! I stretched and picked it up from the table beside the door. “Good! I’m done, time to leave!” I said to myself. I picked up my car keys from the dining and ran outside in a rush. “Life of a single man! Family is extra stress” I said to myself. I drove off to church. On my way, I noticed a lot of people gathered at the opposite direction of the road lane I was driving on. I tried seeing through the crowd if I would know what was happening, but I couldn’t! So I pulled over by the side of the road out of curiosity. I picked up my phones and my wallet and slid them into my two back pockets respectively. I finally made it into the crowd and saw a Mercedes Benz car turned upside down, with a partly broken window at the passenger’s door in front. People were inside. “Oh my God!! What just happened?” Everyone around me kept lamenting. The woman next to me then told me “the man in the car was driving with his family to church when his car tyre suddenly flew away and it got the car tumbling over and over again!” I then looked at the car, and saw a woman stretching her hands out of the passenger’s window and with a low voice was saying “save my baby! Save my baby!” I quickly called 911 when I saw the entire crowd was only videoing the event and weren’t looking for ways to help. I ran towards the car and tried breaking the entire window which was partly broken before. I tried pulling her out through the window, but I was unable to. I was in tears already. I quickly went into my car and brought out a long flat iron that I kept in my boot for emergencies like this. I went back to the damaged vehicle and used the iron to forcefully open the door. I brought out the woman and the entire family with the help of others. She had two little boys who were already crying out loud but weren’t hurt and her husband had already passed out due to shock and injury on his head. We managed to carry the woman and her kids to the hospital with my car. She kept saying with a low voice “save my baby! Save my baby! he’s innocent! Save him please”. I was so tensed that I thought she was referring to her baby boys! So I kept telling her as I was driving that they are all safe. An ambulance already took her husband as soon as we left to the nearest hospital. I was so worried and when we finally got to the hospital, she passed out on the stretcher after holding the nurse’s hand tightly and telling her that her child must survive. She was rushed to the operation theater. A nurse came out running few minutes later. What’s the problem ma? I asked her out of curiosity. Sir, the woman is 6 months pregnant and her child must survive! We have a 95% chance of her losing the child and her life. Just keep praying sir. She left me standing and ran towards a door.I fell on my knees and started crying. I noticed myself speaking in tongues all of a sudden and I felt an inner strength in me. I became stronger. I prayed for her safe operation in order for the child to survive. I cried to God for help. I was overwhelmed with grief. I told God how much I’ve served him and he wouldn’t let me down. This family and I were going to worship him that Sunday morning. He can’t let us down. I started reading the book of psalms with my phone’s bible. I read psalm 121, 23, 21 and other ones that helps in seeking God’s help. Finally! Two hours later, I was seated at the reception and the doctor came out of the operation room. I ran towards him and asked about the operation. He said to me “your God has done it for her! It was a success! She will regain consciousness soon. Your God didn’t let you down!” I was so happy and I hugged the doctor. Suddenly, a thought ran through my head. Then I asked him “my God? Why did you say my God not our God?” He then told me “I never believed God existed till now. Only miracles can make such a surgery be successful. That woman had a 5% chance of surviving! But your prayers saved her life. While I was bringing out the long and sharp glass that was stuck in her stomach, I realized only a good God can make that baby still be fine and healthy. The baby is fine and everything is alright! You will see her soon.” I smiled and looked him in his eyes as I placed my right hand on his shoulder. Then I said to him “God never fails, he really exists! A word of sincere prayer can turn every impossible to possible.”Mr. man! I don’t know your name. Honestly, your story today changed my perspective about God! I believe he really exists. By the way, I just received a call from the surgical department upstairs, on my way out of the operation theatre, her husband too is fine and is out of danger.” The doctor said to me. I knelt down and gave all the praise to God for he is good and his mercies endure forever.

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