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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Twitter User Shocked After Neighbor Committed Suicide

Twitter User Shocked After Neighbor Committed Suicide

A twitter user came to share her extreme shock on Twitter after her neighbor she knew for quite some time committed suicide, here is the story she shared

"It’s going to be a sh*tty day. My neighbor found her sister still sleeping this morning. She had drank some substance in a can that was lying by her bedside. I drove her to the hospital and she’s just been pronounced BID. People are praying around my car and I feel like I have no faith. She’s gone. She was actually gone before they found her. I didn’t even know her name till this morning when we went to get the BID form"
"I have no idea how I feel. I just know I’m trying to breathe and I feel numb. Thank you guys. I’ve been able to cry some so I guess I won’t be so hung on the trauma. Her family are on the way to Ikeja GH for an autopsy. My suspicion on cause of suicide, from what I heard about her, was depression.
She was learning how to make hair at a salon around and her madam came over to the hospital. She mentioned how she was always happy at the shop and didn’t always want to go home. And how she use to worry that she’d never amount to anything..."

"That she’d never find someone to like her enough, she was always worrying and in deep thoughts. The few times I’ve seen her in the house, she always looked withdrawn. I’d hear them shouting at her sometimes but I thought it was the regular.
She apparently had access to some poison that she used. Her madam said she noticed she wasn’t her gay self at the shop since the beginning of the week and she was trying to find out what was wrong.
Unfortunately, she lived with people who had no knowledge about mental health. Hopefully when they get the autopsy results, they’d get some counselling and be able to help themselves after too.
I’m actually drained today and really need a break from work. Good thing I’m off work for a week next week. Still need to go through the mourning motions and having people troop in and out of the house."

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