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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Online Businesses You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Home


Before I begin my article fully, let me start with a little story of what happened a few days ago. I was privileged to know an NYSC corper and she is about to half year into her service and she came to me with a complaint that she is really confused at the moment and she being in her mid-service year doesn’t know what will happen after NYSC, She did not know what the future holds for her. Without wasting too much time I invited her for dinner at an eatery and we spoke for a long time, then the career talk came in, and I asked her this simple question, “How would you like to earn money from your bed everyday LEGALLY?”, she looked at me and laughed and responded that “Those getting money from their beds daily are either Yahoo boys or the “gods” (referring to Linda Ikeji and the likes). Her response was really hurtful because I was not happy at all that most people do not know it is possible to do that, which is the inspiration behind this article.
Making money from the comfort of your bed is 100% possible, that is if you are aware of it and you know how it runs, there are several platforms which I will be showing you in this article.


Do not be in a haste at all, I will show you right now, just look at the next line and you will find out the platforms are already rolling.


A significant amount of persons knows about blogging but are not aware they can make a living out of it, they feel those that are millionaires are those that started first in the country, but can I shock you with an interesting question (those that are running a blog right now), when was the last time you actually sat down to write your own original content without copying someone else’s content? You can’t remember huh?
There are unique strategies used by great bloggers on their sites that cannot be found on other sites, one of which is their unique content, another is being the first or among the first to publish a particular post, let me use this site as an example; Punch online, when punch publishes a post they write something like “Punch is the first to publish this post”, what that tells you is that there is a great importance in sitting down to get your own information and avoiding copyright.


Another reason why some new bloggers (who I usually call “newbies”) fail to make money from their blog is because they rush in, make a few copied posts? Try to be Linda Ikeji or Laila Ijeoma in the first few months; if they don’t make a dime, they abandon the blog.
As I wrote earlier, there are strategies to these; I will be mentioning two great ways that one can monetize his/her blog and live pretty well from it. I narrowed it to two because those are the ones I am very familiar with, they are; Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing on blog. In this article, I will be writing about Google Adsense because I currently use it on my blog.


Adsense is a great way to monetize your blog, many have asked me how I got approved so easily and I give them the same reply every time they ask, which is WORK HARD! And CREATE VALUE! And you will get approved easily. When I say “work hard”, I mean actually putting your time and effort into it. Adsense don’t jus approve a blog that is scanty, or one that is filled up, but filled with jargons, there are key things they look out for. For example, when I started my blog and applied to Adsense the first time, I was rejected because I did not have enough content, then I went back to study on the length of words they actually want, and I saw some sites writing between 450 to 600 words. Ordinarily others might be typing and looking out for when their articles hit 450 words and would start looking for conclusions, but to me 450 was too small. I started writing articles of up to 2000 words.
Now many would think “wow, with 2000 words, this guy is good to go”, not until I got another rejection notice claiming that there are too many of such blogs that I should “CREATE VALUE” which brings me to the second point which is Creating value. When they talk about creating value, they mean you should actually sit down to construct your articles properly and it should be something that will be of use to people, not what people would stumble upon and vow never to visit your site ever again even if they are to be paid. So work on that and believe me, your site is good to go!
A brief recap of what you should do: Work hard and create value. Se fini!!!


Some others do not like the stress of writing at all, even most of their assignments back in school were paid for because they feel it is too tasking and it takes most of their time. That is why YouTube is there for you. With YouTube, all you need to do is to have a camera and video editing software (not even necessary in all cases).
I was reading an article of recent of a young boy of 7 years (Ryan Toys) who has emerged as the highest paid YouTuber ever after generating about $22 million defeating the initial “fathers” with that title, Logan Paul and PewDiePie and you may want to imagine that what is he really doing that he is earning such a huge amount from YouTube. It may shock you when I reveal to you that he just makes videos with his toys and that’s all.
Paul Logan that many are aware of makes his cool cash by making daily vlogs, called the “Logan Paul Vlogs” where he just videos his everyday life and people sit down to watch and his wealth keeps on increasing. PewDiePie is another great YouTuber to look into, what he does is play video games daily, showing ways to play games and he generates a whole lot of income from that.
If you have been reading this article for some time now, I’m sure what is running through your head right now is that which one do I pick, should I go for blogging or should I pick YouTubing? Some others may be thinking also, is the process of doing YouTube called YouTubing? I will answer the second before answering the first; the most important thing is making money and not the structure of my written English. Now, the answer to the first is that, go for the one you will be consistent with.


When it comes to using YouTube to make money, your consistency actually matters because the “non-disappointment” of your viewers is what you should respect the most, or they may never visit your page again, another thing is to focus your page on a particular niche (niche means Topic), so that they will know what they should expect when they come to your page. The sub heading says CONSISTENCY, so let us stick to that and talk about niche in the next sub heading.
When I look at great and successful YouTube channels, they tend to follow what is called Schedule; either they are posting daily, a particular weekday or monthly. Using a case study of the YouTube channel “Mark Angel TV” where they bring comedy to your screens every Friday. There is no Friday that passed without them releasing their comedy. It is possible that they might have experienced some issues sometimes past but that has never stopped them from keeping to the Friday release, little wonder why their subscribers and views are skyrocketing.


I wrote that three times so that you won’t come back here to say I did not tell you that. Niche is very important and why is that? So that, viewers will always know what to expect when they come to your site. If you visit ‘Mark Angel TV’ or ‘Xploit Comedy’ and find Breaking news, they would be breaking more than news that they, they will be breaking your heart too.
So focus most importantly on those before thinking of monetizing. YouTube Adsense is also a great way to monetize your YouTube page. Their little requirement is just that you make 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before 12 months and that is all.


I was told by some of my friends that I have “sweet mouth” but I didn’t believe them then, not until I stumbled on this particular referral site where money can be made and I decided to try my “sweet mouth” out and Lo and Behold, I made good money. You heard money; I know you are already interested.


Okay! Okay!! Don’t trouble me too much I will tell you, it is the number one referral site in Nigeria (, where all you have to do is to pay a little token (N1,600) to start up your account, after having your own account, you get people to register under you. Now how it works is that whosoever registers under you, you get paid N1,000 out of his registration fee and the company gets the remaining N600. Fair enough right?
So many people are very skeptical when it comes to doing this kind of business because they feel they have been cheated in the past by different type of networking sites (I don’t need to use a mic to announce, you already know them), some of those sites crashed or closed down making a whole lot of people lose their money.
But I can assure you that this one is here to stay, it has been here for a long time and NO SHAKING!!!


At the beginning of my service year (posted to Kano, I know you don’t care, just felt like dropping it in, come and beat me if you can), I was staying in NCCF Family house for the first two weeks while I look for an apartment,  I noticed a young man always glued to his system typing and typing. One day, I was tempted to ask him what he was always doing with his system and he replied “This is a money thing”, immediately, my ears stood up like ‘bingo’ and I was really interested and I told him, “Bros T, can you show us the way in this business” and he gave me the full details of how it works which I will be explaining to you also fully on how it works in the next sub heading.


There are so many platforms where content writing is viable, before we begin let me ask a very important question, have you ever heard of fiverr or upwork? If you know how they work fully, then read no further or just exercise your eyes by reading it, it won’t hurt you to learn more about them.
Most content marketing companies focus majorly on SEOs (Search Engine Optimization) as their energy, they give their employees (automatically you and I) some key words to write on, and you are to write about those keywords in length, you must be unique in intensively writing about those topics. At the end of the month, your account will have no choice but to smile at you if you write well enough.
I can simply generalize Content writing (marketing) to “Freelancing”.
Without wasting any time, I will show you how to start all of them instantly;

To start a blog using BLOGGER click HERE

To start a blog using WORDPRESS click HERE

To Start a Youtube page of your own click HERE

To join the Referral program fast click HERE

Writer: Sunday Joseph

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