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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Evangelist Nick Vujicic Shares Beautiful Photos With Family (Photos)

Evangelist Nick Vujicic Shares Beautiful Photos With Family (Photos)

The famous Evangelist, Nick Vujicic shares amazing photos of his family having their vacation in style. He shared this photo with a wonderful and touching story...

"I know my post yesterday was a little passionate and I am sorry if it offended anyone. Please know I am passionate about the power of prayer! I’m passionate about orphans and human trafficking and the foster care systems needs to be helped. Let’s pray and do all we can do continually to come alongside legislatures to try help make laws that value life. Let’s continue to do all we can In crisis pregnancy centers. Let’s do all we can only by His Grace to help anyone with an unexpected pregnancy. Let’s help those that aren’t valued around the world. Let’s counsel the psychological effects of an abortion for these mothers. God forgive us and help us unite in love and in one accord. Help us as a country to be a leading voice once again for COMPASSION! Amen. Let’s pray and do. We can’t do anything without Him and sometimes it’s good to make sure we are simply acting as his hands and feet. So help us God. Everyone has value and every baby has value. Let’s foster and adopt like our Heavenly Father’s heart reflects. Psalm 139 - “He formed me in my mother’s womb and knew me before the world began.”Not all of us are called to adopt a child or foster, or sponsor, but we are all called to pray, and love everyone & be part of seeing people be served with all thanks back to God."

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Nick Vujicic and Family
Here is the post he was referring to when he wrote "I know my post yesterday was a little passionate"

"My beautiful daughter Olivia will be updated one day about abortion laws in America. In a country that churches rightfully grieving about laws like this yet never really ask their youth if they’re sexually active or see how their own church can pick up the 425,000 foster kids waiting for a foster home and 111,000 children waiting for an adopting home. I’m sick and tired of the church investing hours of time praying for things without hand in hand to be doers as well. Doing what we can. Some churches are doing awesome in helping unexpected pregnancies. I just wanted to say..... Iceland is proud they cured Down’s syndrome by aborting every child with that “disease” 2017-2018. Governments in Africa allow religious freedom to kill disabled children after birth if your tribal beliefs allow you to believe your disabled child is “cursed” after birth. People in Kenya are reviewing the law in a point that currently ppl are being jailed for being gay. Welcome to this world my sweet Olivia. Looking out that window I hope you see how YOU won’t be a Christian who is “complacent” and not courageous. Church! Wake up! Stop talking and go do something with the kids that are alone and alive. Aborted kids go to Heaven. How dare we try talk about abortion until we make a home for orphans. Make room in your heart and God will make room in your home. Stop wasting time reporting what’s going on. How many kids will you sponsor? How many homeless will you feed today. Get out of your bubble!! Not all can foster or adopt, but we can all can be hands & feet or love. Can’t pray things away - we are His Hands!! It’s time to get going people. Couldn’t care less if you’re orthodox catholic or Protestant or Jew. Can we start doing something big soon please? Is it that hard to find a home for 500,000 children in one of the most privileged country in 18 months? My wife and I sponsor 15 children. My caregiver and his wife are my heroes - 24 foster kids in 4 years and an adoption. Let’s do this my brothers and sisters - let’s see what we have and do our best like never before?"

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