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Monday, January 21, 2019

#BBNaija: Khloe Shows Her Lovely 'Backside' In New Photos

#BBNaija: Khloe Shows Her Lovely 'Backside' In New Photos

The former BBNaija housemate, Khloe has taken to her social page a photo of herself to 'wow' her fans. In the photo, she was pictured wearing a white and black swimsuit.

see photos...

Also she shared a short story after sharing the photos...

"Slowly she fell out of love and regaining her confidence little by little .... she thought through it and realise HE wasn’t the problem , SHE was... she made him treat her that way, she was too available and placed him above her needs “she was stupid” she forgives herself and forgives him. BUT something happened .... in the midst of dumping him and moving on .... SHE found a man !!!!! Really girl!!!! You gon play yourself again?!!!! I Think she’s catching feelings again knowing the new Guy is no good for her... in her words “ I just want to have fun and see where it leads”
Guys let’s talk
1. Don’t you guys think she needs help
2. Is it normal to freshly fall out of love and fall in love again ( maybe she never loved the other guy after all, infatuation?)
3. What exactly do you think is wrong with her and what do you think she should do .

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