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Monday, December 17, 2018

'Tega My Crush' - A Short Story By Achiever Omoobajesu

'Tega My Crush' - A Short Story By Achiever Omoobajesu

I was running towards Tega as I tripped and fell. He came running towards me and picked me up. I felt like the whole heaven and earth was in support of my crush on him. He dusted my body so well till my heart started pumping so fast! I could've looked away in shame when he came to pick me up, but I couldn't resist his charming brown eyes. He was so tall, muscular and really protective. Well, he took me as a sister not a fellow crush partner. So it was one sided. He then chuckled and ask why i was running with so much joy to meet him. I was stunned by his smile, so i could only keep staring at him. Before I could say his name, his rival Daniel appeared from no where shouting my name. I was so annoyed that he interrupted me from taking things further wuth Tega. Daniel was a guy who really liked me and knew how much i liked Tega but well, he didn't care about that. He wanted me instead. So he did everything possible to stop me from liking Tega. I didn't like Daniel to be honest. He looked cunning but he's very smart tho. He came towards me and said he had been calling me for few minutes now. I denied hearing him even tho i did. Tega smiled and told Daniel to walk me back to my hall because I fell. At this point, I felt every rubbish inside of me. Tega placed my right hand on Daniel's left hand and I got really annoyed. Finally I had to let hell loose. Daniel!!! What is your problem in this life?? Don't you know when someone doesn't want you?? I'm finally fed up!! I will speak my mind!! Stop tormenting my soul!! I think i like Tega alot and I really don't like you Daniel!! Don't you understand? You just interrupted our conversation and you are smiling like an unfortunate beast!! Look here Tega! I turned to Tega. Look here!! I like you!! I like you alot!! Very very much!! Not as a sister!! But as a woman!! You give me a reason to keep smiling!! That's how Tega started laughing so hard suddenly!! I was so confused. He laughed really hard and Daniel joined him. I was surprised but i couldn't help it!! I shouted out so loud and told them to keep quiet!! Wh.. why..Why?? Why are you guys laughing at me?? They kept pointing to behind me... i was wondering what was there. I turned back and I saw a girl staring at me with so much anger in her!! She walked up to me and gave me a tight slap! I became num  for five seconds!! Why did you slap me? I asked. Stay away from my boyfriend if you don't want me to make your life a living hell in this school!! She replied me. In my mind, I kept asking myself ; "isn't this Temi the popular girl? Is she dating Tega? Why wasn't I ever aware? Have i reacted too much?" She moved towards me, chest to chest and pointed to my face!! If i ever hear those words you said to Tega ever again!! I will deal with you!! This time, I was too scared. My lips were already shaking so badly. That's how I felt someone tapping me. I turned and saw Daniel. He said to me; "let's leave girl!! You've been embarrassed enough" at this point, I had no other choice. I left with him. On our way, he said to me; "I know you are in a big shock right now, but that's the truth I found so difficult to tell you!! Tega decided to keep it a secret and I guess you finally got hurt!!" Daniel!! I seriously don't know what to say but im very sorry for the scene I caused over there. I told him with so much sadness in my heart! Daniel smiled and told me not to worry. He said he expected that from me sooner or later and he will continue to care about me. I smiled, stopped walking and gave him a really tight hug. I told him i was ashamed of myself and it was the most embarrassing day of my life. He placed his hands on my cheeks and wipes the tears in my eyes . At that point, I felt myself falling for him. He then gave me a peck on my forehead. I smiled a little, held his hands and continued walking. Daniel was so astonished about my reaction to him pecking me. He then pursed and kissed me for a really long time. That's how suddenly I felt someone beating me on my back! I shouted and woke up from the couch I slept on in the sitting room!! My mum was slapping me on my back!! She Kept shouting!! Who have you been kissing in your dream? I think we have to see the pastor!! You are finally possessed abi? That's how I discovered everything was a dream!! In real life, I don't know any Daniel neither do I have a crush called Tega!! My mum dragged me from the couch and took me to her room!! We've been praying since then till now oo!! Someone should come and beg her for me and tell her I'm not possessed!

• Written by @blvck_av 
• Omoobajesu Achiever 

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