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Thursday, December 27, 2018

'Fixing My Body Is My Best Decision This Year' - Toke Makinwa

'Fixing My Body Is My Best Decision This Year' - Toke Makinwa

The famous OAP, Toke Makinwa has come out to tell her fans that the best decision she made for the year 2018 was when she 'fixed' her body because she hated it.

here is fully what she wrote...

I learnt to speak up a bit more for myself this year.
I stopped forcing things or people this year, I learnt to totally accept that I am not for everybody and that’s totally fine
I felt the power of God, I experienced a new level of grace, the anointing of ease and I totally know without a doubt that God is in my corner
I learnt that we all have baggage, we are all healing from something. Knowing is the first step to healing. I stopped being so defensive too
This year I experienced a dangerous level of freedom. I literally have no fucks to give, no explanation as to how I choose to live my life.” i woke up one day and started living for me.
I learnt not to take failure to heart. Failure is not such a bad thing, it gives you a lot more ways to do things differently, it keeps you on your toes and literally builds your character
This year I learnt to laugh at myself more. See when you shame the shame culture you have nothing to fear
This year the Lord blessed me, he enlarged my territory and lifted my head through it all. I started 2 businesses and they are flourishing, everything I touched, prospered
I experienced a lot of disappointments too. I learnt to pick myself up after each setback without losing who I am, it isn’t the easiest thing to do but I literally had to speak words of life, positive affirmations (Godfessions)
My relationship with God grew this year, I read my bible every day this year, I looked forward to his presence every night this year, truly the best feeling

This year I stopped complaining and changed things. I hated my body, I fixed it, (best decision ever). I hated hanging around certain people who made me feel small; I dropped them, I learnt to forgive (I still struggle but it’s a journey), I learnt to be at peace.
Oooooh I also learnt that life is not black and white, there are shades of grey. You don’t know it all. You don’t have to understand everyone’s journey but it’s your duty to respect it. Nobody Holy pass
I learnt the power of compassion. We are all saved by grace and grace alone. Stopped thinking you are better that the next person, if you were in their shoes, you may do worse. Life happens to everyone and it’ll humble you
This year I tried to give Love a Chance again but let’s just say “if a fish and a bird fell in love, where would they make home”??? Still figuring me out but it was the best times I had
This year I learnt to accept things for what they are. Some people come in to your life to play a role, I call them travelers, when their job is done, let them go. Stop trying to make permanent what is temporal, you’ll lose the beauty of it all.

Shared enough for the day. Hope my tweets inspired, amused, confused and left you wanting more. Chat later, happy holidays X
Ohh how could I forget, I learnt this year the power of words. I started using #OnBecomingmore and I started becoming more. Words are life. Don’t underestimate the words you speak

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