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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Are Schools Really Necessary? Or Should We Choose This

Are Schools Really Necessary? Or Should We Choose This

I woke up early this morning with a thought that bothered me so much, it has been bothering me in the past but today was more. It is the problem of schools in Nigeria or probably some other parts of the world.

While growing up, we were taught by our parents or guardians that school is a place where you go to shape your destiny, a place where you go to so as to become “someone” in future, but when you grow up, you tend to see life in a whole different way.
Schools in a way have streamlined some people’s mentality to think towards just one direction, which follows this sequence; go to school, do your service (NYSC for a year), look for a good job (if you don’t get one, keep looking for), get married, have kids and die. There should be more to life than all these.

From statistics, it shows that a high percentage of the wealthiest men in the world dropped out of school to chase their dreams to get where they are now because schools were more of a distraction to them. Take a look at Bill Gates who quit school to go start up Microsoft, take a look at the richest man in Africa and Nigeria, Aliko Dangote who dropped out of school to become a serial entrepreneur, Larry Ellison the owner of Oracle who dropped out of the University of Chicago, Michael Dell who dropped out of the University of Texas to start up Dell computers, Paul Allen. The list is endless if I choose to continue, but I believe my point is passed out from the few names listed.

I am not really saying people should start dropping out of school to start up their own business, what I am implying here is that if schools can add it to their curriculum each term or semester, it would help the student develop their skills in other areas. I really love what the school, Covenant University is doing, bring up a course called EDS (Entrepreneurial Development Studies), each semester the student have a compulsory practical of the course which involves barbing, catering, fish farming, tiling, perfumery and many more which carries about 50 percent, sometimes even 100 percent of the course, that way it would groom the students up to think of other ways of self sustenance and take their mind off adding to the crew of unemployed youths.
Let us get off our butts today and make the educational system better…

Writer: Sunday Joseph

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