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Monday, December 3, 2018

Alex Otti Fires At PDP, States His Mandate For Abia State

Alex Otti Fires At PDP, States His Mandate For Abia State

Alex Otti, a member of the 'All Progressive Grand Alliance' (APGA) Political party, who is also a governorship candidate of Abia State 2019 election has today fired at the People's Democratic Party (PDP), claiming that they stole his mandate when they won the governorship election in the year 2015.

Speaking to Newsmen on sunday's edition, he was able to identify some rots in the economical system of the state which was caused under the leadership of the present Governor, Ikpeazu saying he has failed to live up to the expectations of the people of the state.

He further went to his social media page to state his mandate for the  people of Abia state when he becomes the Governor in 2019.

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"I appreciate and thank our supporters who in one way or another have played an important role in getting us to this point. You are and will continue to be the backbone of this campaign
The state of Abia at this point in time can be likened to a house of cards that has buckled from the burden of incessant incompetent and inefficient leadership. Together, we say, #EnoughIsEnough. We can't fold our arms and watch our great state fall into utter ruin".

"For Abia state to realize and properly utilize her full potential, we have to replace the incompetent leadership at all levels. There are two fundamental questions a good candidate must be able to answer satisfactorily: “what do you plan to do?” and “How do you plan to do it?”.My manifesto, “My Covenant With Abia People” has the answers to these questions and is a clear blueprint on how we plan to rescue Abia state and set it on a path of sustainable growth and prosperity. We have great plans for Abia state with a track record of performance".

"As we head into the period of campaigns & advocacy, we should ensure not to allow, aid or abet violence or the hatred & aggression that some of our opponents may exhibit. We are going to focus on leading Abia to greatness & ours will be a campaign of issues & solutions.
Let me invite those who share these ideals to join us in the Abia Redemption journey. Enough Is Enough! God bless you, and God bless Abia State. #AlexOtti2019 #EnoughIsEnough"

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