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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

See The Poem Tosyn Buknor Wrote Before Her Death

See The Poem Tosyn Buknor Wrote Before Her Death

The poem of the OAP, Tosyn Buknor who passed away on Monday surfaces online, this was shared by Annie Idibia as she was regretting her loss, The poem reads
"I look into the future and see me cease
I feel no fear, my face won't even cease
My steps on this earth, a testament to life
Leaving this place filled with strife
Don't cry for me, shed tears for yourself
For each date you acquire gives you a little less.

Now I know why I live the way I do
Any why my mistakes, no second look
If i live my life according to their pace
What's my price in life's meaningless race?
Too much odds stacked against this fierce soul
So each hour, all I do is attain my goals

Spent alot of days searching for purpose
Then I put my thoughts into poetry and prose
This is why I was put in this world
Be a voice, Put emotions in words
For every tear I shed and times my eye smiled,
Someone will have known every option I tried.

This cowardly heart felt fear not death
Prize I've earned since my birth
My vow to leave a lasting voice after I was
Find a loyal number to keep fighting my cause
Here lies she who lived short but well
No regrets for her, but all her story tell".

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