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Monday, October 15, 2018

When To Apply For a Job: Before, During or After NYSC?


Such a beautiful morning, isn't it? That's what someone who has a good and we'll paying job would say when he wakes up. In Nigeria today, there are many graduates who come out of school, expecting to get a great job, earn good money, have a car, get married, have children and live large, but many get disappointed because it didn't end up as planned.  

The unemployed youth keeps increasing as Nigerian Universities keeps graduating millions of people every year. There are two major reasons why people end up stranded after school, one is the fact that they do not know the entrepreneurship way and mostly blames it on not having the capital to start the business of their choice, and the other is that they don't apply for paid jobs at the right time.

This article is focused on the second part which answers the question to "when is the right time to apply for a job? Should I do it before going for service? After service? or during service?". 
Applying for a job before NYSC is safe not you are going to serve in the company you are applying to, which might lead to them retaining you after your service year. But if you are applying to work there, it is almost sure you don't get the job because almost every job, if not all require you have a certificate as a proof that you finished your NYSC program, and never for once think you want to forfeit NYSC, it will definitely backfire in future,  there are great lessons you can learn from that especially the recent one with one of our politician.

Applying for a Job during NYSC is the safest, but you have to be very calculate about it. It should be a period where you know that before the time for the interview of exam is due, you would have your certificate ready. Another reason why this is very safe is because of the age requirements for most jobs. The employers mostly want to close the slots so they can full in their own people (otherwise known as connect), so they tend to bring down the age requirements for applicants for the job,  the most recent I heard about is 25, then with your masters Degree or Ph.D 26 years. Now calculating for a person who finished school at the age of 24, served for a year and decides to apply for a job, which takes him 6 months or so, then finally applies, then before he gets a reply is another 5 months,  before he or she knows, the age limit is passed.

There was a friend of mine that applied for a job at a bank in Nigeria, she was 23 when she graduated from the University, she was delayed for some month for her NYSC, so stayed back at home for 5 months as she was in stream 2, when she finished her service, she applied for the job, passed the exams, went for the interview and got the job, but as at that time she was 25 which was the age requirement for the job. Part of the employment process for the bank was that those picked for the job must go for a Business School training which is paid by the bank and she went for it, after which she was 26. The bank said she has to withdraw as she is past the age of the employment. Which is a good reason why one should apply during service. 
Now for those who want to apply for a job after service,  it is very possible if and only if you have the experiences that some of the companies are looking for. There was one I saw online that the minimum age is 27 (which is good), but the bad part is that they want you to have 8 years experience in the job, and my question is that, do they want me to have started working on that type of job when I'm 19? Who will even employ me for that position at 19?. Quite funny but it is all happening. 

So when thinking of applying for a job, be strategic about it and always put your age at the back of your mind when planning...Enjoy and please comment and share, see you soon. 

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