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Friday, October 12, 2018

Top 5 Nigerian Musicians With The Most Expensive And Beautiful Cars


The wealth of a musician is reflected in the brand and the cost of cars acquired, so most of them invest so much in making sure their garage looks very stunning, but these five artistes in Nigeria made our list of the top ten to have the most expensive and beautiful cars, they are;


The DMW boss is one person that doesn’t joke when it comes to getting good looking cars that is why he is ranked as the number 1 on our list; here are his car collection and the cost of each.

  •           Chevrolet Camaro GS: This car costs $55, 000 and was bought by the Artist by 2012, but because of his love for this car, he has changed the color of the car for about three different times.
  •           Range Rover Sport: This is one of Davido’s latest babies, it costs N40 million, it is the newest of the car collection.
  •           Rolls Royce Phantom: when you see an extremely rich person, it is very rare not to see a Rolls Royce in their collection. Davido bought his for N100 million, it is customized with beautiful leather decorations and a natural wood.
  •           Hyundai Sonata: Hyundai is well known for its curves and flashy nature, he was awarded with a Hyundai Sonata at Headies Award for ‘Next Rated Award’, it costs N7.5 million.
  •           Audi R8 Coupe: This is a super car that accelerates at 320 Kilometers per hour, he acquired it for N20 million.
  •           Mercedes Benz Sedan AMG: When he was having his USA tour, he acquired this luxury that costs N60 million.
  •           Porsche Carrera: This car costs a whooping N40 million, it was a car he dreamt of having and it came true.
  •           Bentley Bentyaga: Davido had a lot of hits and sold out concerts in the year 2017, so decided to gratify himself with this luxury. It is one of the most expensive of his car collection, after his Rolls Royce Phantom. The car cost him N94 million.


Wizkid love for flashy cars is beyond limits; his garage will “wow” you, here it is;
  •          Lamborghini Prime X2:  He got this car in the year 2012, and it is worth about N30 million.
  •           Porsche Panamera: Bought in 2013 to gratify himself after a stressful year, it costs about N13 million.
  •          Mercedes Benz Compressor: This is a 2012 brand car and it is worth N10 million.
  •           BMW X6: This car costs N25 million, the color is shiny black.
  •           Hyundai Sonata: This is the same brand that was given to Davido at the award, and it is also worth N7.5 million.
  •           Bentley: of course he is expected to have one of these, it costs N45 million.


Alhaji Tekno is another Nigerian musician that loves the luxurious lifestyle and that is attached to the brand of cars he has too. His taste for cars is fantabulous as he picks the best of the best; here are the awesome collections;

  •          BMW X6: the car costs about N24.8 million
  •          Acura MDX: The features of this car includes a black alloy wheel and all shiny black, the car costs N20 million.
  •         Mercedes Benz: This is the CLS 550 brand and it costs N30.2 million.
  •          Range Rover sport: the car costs N50 million.
  •          Mercedes Benz G-Wagon: which costs N45 million.


He is a local rapper, but does not ride local cars, he has eyes for luxurious cars and he worked really hard to acquire them, here is the collection that might soon get bigger as he is a big lover of cars:

  •         Range Rover: he has two of these, one is the Range Rover Sports which costs N20 million, the other costs N15 million.
  •          Toyota Camry car: which costs N4 million.
  •          Mercedes Benz G-Wagon: This cost him N25 million.
  •          Rolls Royce: For one to claim he is a complete big boy, he should have one of these in his garage and Olamide proved that by acquiring one of N68.2 million.
  •         Toyota Venza: This costs N6.6 million, but gifted it to Young Jon “The Wicked Producer”.


The ‘Igbo’ rapper came from east and entered the street of Lagos and is now enjoying the money in the music industry and had to beautify his name with some luxurious cars, they are;

  • Bentley Coupe GT: Which costs N30 million
  • Range Rover Sport: costs N35 million
  • Toyota Avalon: which costs N7 million.

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