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Monday, October 8, 2018

NYSC Camp: Documents, Items Needed And Everything You Need To Know


The National Youth Service Corps (abbreviated as NYSC program), is a time, usually within a duration of one year where all students who graduated from higher institutions in Nigeria are given the opportunity to serve their beloved country. Some prospective corps members (PCM) gets too excited about it and hence tends to forget the important things needed. This article is aimed at bringing the information on what is required by the NYSC officials when you go the camp and also your personal requirements for your ultimate survival there, so sit back and enjoy.
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Some of the document may look irrelevant, but are very important to aid your mobilization on camp, they are;
  •       STATEMENT OF RESULT: it is otherwise known as the notification of result which was given to you by your school upon graduation. The document contains the year of your graduation and the degree you finished with.
  •         CLEAR PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPHS: Prospective Corps Members are to submit ten copies of their passport photographs, it is advisable to go with more to avoid being stranded on camp in case if they ask for more.
  •        SCHOOL ID CARD: Although your school ID card might have expired as you have completed your program duration, but it is still very much valid when you get to camp as it would be required of you as proof that you actually went to a higher institution.
  •           CALL UP LETTER: This is a document sent to Prospective Corps Members after registration (usually sent to PCMs a week to the camp), it contains the Call up number and the state of service. This document is not to be laminated for any reason whatsoever, as the barcode on it would be scanned.
  •          MEDICAL CERTIFICATE: This document is to show that you are medically fit and healthy.
  •         A FLAT FILE: This is required for housing all the above documents and it should be noted that it is required of you to have five of each document, having more wouldn’t hurt too.


  •          CLOTHING: You will be given two white shirts and shorts that may not be your size, but the good news is that there are tailors around, ready to be at your service. You can also bring yours, because you might not have all the time in the world to wash every day.
  •          MOSQUITO NET: It is self explanatory, to chase away mosquitoes and avoid malaria.
  •        TOILETRIES: This includes your bathing soap, tooth brush (es), tooth paste, detergent, sponge, Toilet paper, and your towel.
  •          HANDKERCHIEFS: Essential for those that their sweat glands are always rushing because there will always be marching on camp.
  •          MONEY AND ATM CARD(S): This is very important on camp, as it will be needed to purchase a lot of things and meet your daily needs. You don’t find ATM in all camps, but there just might be one in the camp you will be posted to, so go along with your card.
  •          TORCH LIGHT OR RECHARGEABLE LAMPS: For lighting up the place in case of power outage in the night.
  •          BUCKET: For fetching water.
  •         WAIST BAG: To house your portable belongings like your phones, ATM cards, ID card.
  •          SLEEPING TOOLS: I call them sleeping tools because they will aid your good night rest, they include; bed sheet, wrapper (in cold places), pillow, pillow case and others you can think of.

Finally, it should be noted that you should guard all your belongings with all sense of diligence as there will be different people from different background and character in one place. If any of your belonging is stolen, it will cost you much. Have a great time in camp, if you have any question, ask it in the comment section.

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