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Saturday, October 13, 2018

"I Regret Loosing The Lady I Loved" - Paddy Adenuga


The son of the Billionaire, Paddy Adenuga took to his twitter page, reminiscing fully on his lost love of so many years ago; he tweet reads that “Once upon a time, I met a young woman that loved me completely all she wanted was my time and candy Percy pig to be exact… But back then I was too young and foolish to know what I had and I lost her for good, now I look back and think what a big mistake I made”. One of his fan asked him where she was now, and if she was married and he replied “yep she is”.
Remember that in May this year, he tweeted that he was going to be 34 and still haven’t found the woman to marry stating that he was looking for a sister that is not crazy.
Paddy Adenuga


Paddy Adenuga is the son of the Billionaire, Mike Adenuga who is the second richest man in Nigeria, he was born as Mike Agbolade Adeniyi Ishola Paddy Adenuga on the 21st of July, 1984 (Age 34), he was in Nigeria for some time till he was 10 when he moved to Texas and attended the Marine Military Acdemy for three years, after which he enrolled into the Tenney School also in Texas and finished at an early age of 13.
He had his tertiary education at the University of Massachusset where he studied Business Administration and completed it with a degree at a young age of 19. In 2002, he worked at his family’s company, where he was the Executive director of the telecommunications company, GLO but left the company in the year 2006 to start up his own oil bunkering firm in London with a partner, the company was name ‘Cayne and Cayne’. His company focuses on supplying refined petroleum products to Nigerian oil companies.
In 2009, he returned to his family’s company but this time came as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)of Conoil and GLObacom.

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