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Friday, October 19, 2018

Fiyin Gambo: Biography Of The Young CEO And Movie Director


Fiyin Gambo is an award winning 20-year-old filmmaker from Adamawa state set to revolutionize the film industry. He is a director of films that harness innovative technologies like CGI (Computer generated Imagery) and Visual effects to enhance the visual storytelling experience. He’s mission is to create images never seen before on African screens and to export the ingenuity of Nollywood to the rest world. He his dubbed by many “Africa’s youngest director”.
Fiyin Gambo at Rotary Club, Anambra

He acquired primary education from Home science association primary school, however he completed his primary and secondary education at Murtala Muhammed airport school (MMASS). At MMASS he was elected as the head boy and used his position to herald change in major areas of the school. During his secondary school years the Nigerian society of engineers (Aviation division) awarded him a silver award, the award came with a scholarship to train for a private pilot license (PPL) courtesy of Bristow helicopters. He has participated and won awards for his essays and write ups at various competitions. He also attended the Daystar Leadership academy during this period.

He is currently in his fourth year studying civil engineering at Covenant University. He is a self-taught filmmaker and has developed skills in directing, producing and animation. He has produced two short films on Child trafficking and a revolutionary campaign video motivating people to vote during the Nigerian election, this awareness video got 3000 views in the first two weeks on the Internet.

He has spoken at the biggest technology conference in Africa (TECH plus) where he showcased Visual effects as the future of African cinema with a short film demo titled CHASEDOWN. He has also spoken at several platforms to inspire young film makers and students alike.

In 2015 His firm - Cliq Media; was awarded “Startup of the year” and in 2016 he was awarded “Cinematographer of the year” at College ball awards, and “Brand of the year” by the association of civil engineering students. He has had mentorship sessions with Director Tade Ogidan (a renowned Nigerian filmmaker) and Mrs. Aoatuanya (British based director and screenplay writer). His company Cliq media has produced numerous topnotch commercials and motion graphics videos.

He will soon be releasing his short film “INTERCEPT”-(Africa’s first Man Hunt) which would premiere in Nigeria and also at the United Kingdom during African film festival UK. The short film is set in they year 2018; it is based on counter-terrorism measures in Nigeria and the use of technology to solve high profile crimes. The film uses visual effects to create “never seen before images”. Fiyin Gambo is set to re-invent the wheel for Nollywood.
Fiyin Gambo With The Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo

He has spoken at several workshops, NYSC camp (where he was presented an “award of excellence”), Universities and Youth empowering programs to inspire the next generation of leaders and filmmakers alike. He has spoken at a boot camp organized for teenagers of widows of the police force by Covenant Christian center. He also spoken to a large group of teenagers on the future of film organized by Hope foundation.

His company also engaged in Corporate social responsibility (CSR) by organizing the Cliq media convention to empower aspiring filmmakers. Speakers at the media convention spoke of key topic such as film, sound, acting, photography, visual effects and photo-realistic animation.

He was recently featured on BBC, TVC, Channels TV thrice, Sahara reporters, Success stories Africa, Hebron f.m and PUNCH Newspapers to share his thoughts on the future of the movie industry and to inspire the youths with his story.

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