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Monday, October 8, 2018

Everything You Need To Know Before Going Into Higher Institution


The major reason for going to school is to build ones self and come out with good grades, but many people tend to forget that when they start, possibly because they are naive or got engaged in other things that made them deviate from their purpose. So it gets really difficult for them to balance things up as they go higher, because in the higher institution your grades count from the very start. When one looses it from the start, it takes a lot of grace for he/she to get back on their feet. The aim of this article is to expose you on what to know and what to focus on when starting school in a higher institution.
There are some striking things you need to know and you should carry about in higher institutions, I call them the five F's,  they are;


It is very easy to have a whole lot of goals and visualiser how they will turn out to be, but the major issue is the focus to actualize those goals and vision. When some students get into school, they tend to loose focus on the right things and go for the wrong. I had a friend back in school that whenever it was time for classes or time to study, he was always gaming, and at the end of the session when he sees his result with a lot of carry overs, he claims the lecturers have something against him, and as this went on, I got angry one day and asked him of how many times he actually took his book to study, and he could not  give me a definite answer. While in school, your major focus should be to come out with the best possible grade,  and that should always be back of your mind. Everything to deviate from that should be behind you. After the semester or session, there are usually breaks that you can have all the fun you want to have.


When choosing tour friends in the higher institution, choose wisely. There is a quote by the former president of America, he said "you are the same person you are in ten years time, except for the books you read and the companies you keep". So friends are one of the major factors that can either help you with good grades or kill your grades. It is possible that friend you are hanging out with is good at reading in the night without sleeping, but you on the other hand read in the day time. So you spend all your day hanging out. There is a very high possibility that that friends will do better than you.
Set your priorities straight, when it is time to study, no body should come in between you and your study. You will find out that with time, people will start respecting your time and will not disturb you. Believe me when I say that there is enough time in the world to hang out, but it should be after you are very much fulfilled with your study.


Why I called it foes is because they are enemies that try to prevent you from getting that grade you dreamt about and smiled, and two of the major foes to academic success in the higher institutions are excess gaming and social media. It is OK to use social media and it is OK to game, but when it becomes a huge problem is when you cannot do without it, you tend to loose focus. There was a time when I was still in school that the lecturer caught a student using his I pad to chat and told him to stand and come and stand in front of the class with his device. It is expected that he was going to be sober,  rather he continued chatting in front of the class due to his addiction. In case you are one that is addicted to things like that, it is advisable to minimize it.


Following up what is going on in class and everything that concerns your academic success is very important, you should know all the assignments you were given, the time for every lecture, when to submit each assignment, and be punctual and be in every class possible. This may look small, but it helps in boosting grades a whole lot.


When all these is followed and practiced, one is sure to finish smiling because he/she begins to see those awesome goals being actualized,
Have a great day!

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