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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Enobong Akpan Biography: Age, Educational Background, Family, Relationship And Everything You Need To Know


The issue surrounding the source of talent has been one that has generated confusion with different generations. Some are of the argument that people are born with talents, while another school of thought believes that talents are created in individuals. Enobong Josephine Akpan is a young beautiful lady who can be regarded as talented in the aspect of art. She developed interest in it and honed her skills to become the best at what she does. This article is to give relevant information about her as she clocks 21 today.
Enobong Akpan - CEO of Phinesse Concepts


Enobong Josephine Akpan (popularly known as Phinesse) was born on the 10th of October 1997 (age 21) in Lagos, Nigeria to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Akpan. She is the first child among the three children of her parent (one male child and two female children). Her sister, Inemesit Akpan, is a lifestyle blogger.
She attended the French Village International Staff School for her primary school education (2002 – 2008) in Cotonou, Reublicof Benin, after which she had her secondary school education at the Nigerian International School in Lagos, Nigeria. she immediately enrolled into Covenant University, Ota where she was admitted to study (2014 – 2018). Her time in school made her discover her love for photography, but that never got in the way of her studies.


Phinesse concept was born as a result of Enobong Josephine trying to solve an art problem. She being the founder and CEO of the company started in the year 2017, when she was in her third year in Covenant University. In her words she stated that “I started my photography career because I wanted to solve a problem around me, so in my school we had to pick a skill for our EDS (Entrepreneurial Development Studies) and I looked at my environment, the place where I live and I realized that people around were still taking pictures the old way, the only few who knew how to take these pictures were not educating others and didn’t see the need to either, I decided to go into photography, considering the usefulness of having good pictures to every individual”.
She went further, stating her parent support for her at the beginning of her career “My parent got me the first camera I ever used and the one I am still using, after which they stopped supporting me financially, so it became a challenge to me as I had to save up to get a reflector and also to get a few things I needed in line with photography. There are times giving up becomes an option because photography is really a tasking one, but when I remember why I actually started, and I realize I have not fully achieved my aim, I keep pushing myself. Right now, I will say I am a self taught photographer and an upcoming one at that”.


She prefers to keep her relationship life private, but her description of her boyfriend gave us an idea of the kind of person she is dating, she wrote that “he is an amazing person”. She also said she has had her own share of happy moments and sad moments when it comes to love.
She added by giving advice to the young people on relationships “what I can say really is that the right person would always come around, don’t force yourself to be an option to somebody, when the right person comes, you will definitely know”.

We wish her a happy Birthday #smiles

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