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Friday, September 14, 2018

Pastor David Ibiyeomi: Full Biography, Net worth, Family, Ministry and Many More


If you have ever been to Port Harcourt and you do not know Pastor Ibiyeomi, it means you are not in the real Port Harcourt; you are probably in a counterfeit one. This man had made so much impact in the life of those people around him and so many others all around the world. Many of us know him as the spiritual “son” of the great man of God and the richest pastor in Africa, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, he is always present at every Shiloh program at the end of the year by Bishop Oyedepo. Let us look into his biography to know more about him, apart from his personality on the podium.


Pastor David Ibiyeomi was born on the 21st of October, 1962, which means he is 56 years presently, he was born into a lineage of Rivers State parent in Bonny Island. The exact town where he was born was Bolo Town, where he grew up with his parent. But he was not into the faith when he was young, as at that time he had not given his life fully to Christ. When he gave his life is in the later part of this article.


While staying with his parent, he started his primary school education at Barnham Primary School, he was there for five (5) years, and he started in the year 1969 and finished in the year 1974. After he finished his primary school education, he enrolled into Government Comprehensive secondary school; located at Boriki also in Rivers State where he had his secondary school education completed (started 1974 and ended 1979). 

Without wasting any time at home, he got admitted to study Microbiology in Rivers State University where he got his Bsc. Apart from his original degree in Microbiology that he obtained from the University of Rivers, he was also awarded an honorary Doctorate degree in Divinity in the year 2004 by Bradley University of America for his unprecedented diligence and result driven ministry, so by default, he can be called Dr. David Ibiyeomi.


Pastor David Ibiyeomi is not someone who puts his family out in the public; he is someone who do not want the media to focus on his family matters, so he is on a “low-key” on family matters. All we know about his family is that he got married to his wife, Peace Ibiyeomi in the year 1996 on March 20th (22 Years) and he has just one son, David Ibiyeomi Junior who is currently 13 years old.


He is not one who live a luxurious lifestyle, although his church was valued to be about N10 Billion and he owns a private jet to his name which he uses as a means to take the word of God round the world without any stress, many says he deserves the Jet, while some critics said as a man of God, he is no supposed to be using one. Pastor David Ibiyeomi net worth for this year is estimated to be N1.5 Billion.


If one takes a really bold step in the ministry, and realize that he or she needs to learn those ahead, then it would be very easy to go very far in it. Pastor Ibiyeomi gave his life fully to Christ in the year 1995, which is a year before he got married. His calling into the ministry did not take too long after he gave his life to Christ, God called him to serve him and take his people towards the right path. Then he went in search of a mentor to help him through the way and he found Bishop David Oyedepo.
1996, he enrolled into Word of Faith Bible college of the Living Faith Church (popularly known as WOFBI) for a full time bible school programme where he was impacted significantly under the supervision of Bishop David Oyedepo.


After completing the Bible school in Lagos, he took another bold step by starting his own house fellowship, and the people in attendance were just his family and friends. He later moved down to Port Harcourt in the year 1997 where he founded his church, Salvation Ministry which was dedicated and started on Sunday, the 13th of April in 1997, the church only had about thirty (30) people in attendance as at that time. The church got a tremendous expansion that same year and was moved to a bigger auditorium. Today, the church is one of the fastest growing churches in the world. As of now, there are over 50,000 people worshipping at the adult church of Salvation Ministry headquarters, excluding the numerous numbers of people who attend the branches of the church all over the country and the world.


Pastor David Ibiyeomi has gone through several depths and heights just to reach out to people who need help; here are some of the good deeds within Nigeria and out of the shores of Nigeria.

  • He sends relief material to those places that are affected by floods and also war zones such as Liberia, Jos, Bayelsa and many more places that need assistance.
  • A huge amount of money is spent by him in skill acquisition for those who are unemployed, so they can gather the skills they need and become creators of jobs (self dependence).
  • He was able to reach out to more than 400 militants through personal evangelism and they gave their lives to Christ instantly renouncing and parting with their old lives.
  • He spent a huge amount of money recently (about $200,000) in the renovations of hospitals and also buying of equipments in the hospitals too in Port Harcourt.
  • He has helped in community service too by reconstructing bad roads in Port Harcourt for easy use.

He built home for the elderly for those at an advanced age.


Just four years after his church started, he started airing it on television, his first TV Program was “The Hour of Salvation”, which was aired on NTA channel 10 in Port Harcourt, but as the years kept increasing, the number of channels that showed his program kept increasing and right now, it is aired on over 47 channels all over the world.
His programs run on YouTube “Salvation Ministry” and also on Radio which is watched and listened to by millions of people all over the world.


He has impacted a lot through his books, as of now, he has written over 80 bestselling books, so as to reach out to people on various aspect of life

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