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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Olu Okeowo Biography: Age, Networth, Cars, Houses, Family And Everything You Need To Know


Olu Okeowo is one Nigerian that tries to keep his personal life away from the media, but it is almost impossible to achieve great feats and be a multi billionaire and hide for too long. This article is aimed at bringing to you the life of the Billionaire Olu Okeowo, so sit back, relax and enjoy.


Olu Okeowo is a graduate of the Lagos Business School where he had his Bachelors degree in Business Administration, and also serving as a governing member of their alumni association, he also moved over to United Kingdom, London where he studied Management Science and Technology and obtained a Masters degree at the University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology. He was so into the business thing that he did not want to keep the knowledge to himself alone, but also wanted to share it with people with potentials, so in the year 1986, he took the job as a lecturer in the department of Business Administration at the University of Lagos.


There is no actual figure to how much the multi billionaire is worth, but his possessions will give an idea on how much he has.
His garage is worth about $2 billion, with so many exotic cars, they are;
  • -         ROLLS ROYCE: His love for Rolls Royce is beyond bounds as he has a total of six (6) Rolls Royce in his car collection, four of which are Rolls Royce Phantom (Costs about $600, 000 each) and two are Rolls Royce Ghost (costs about $400, 000 each). He bought his most recent Rolls Royce just to spice up the 16 bedroom palace which he completed.
  • -       BENTLEY: It is rare to see an extraordinarily wealthy person without seeing a Bentley to his collection. Olu Okeowo has a total of two Bentley rides; One Bentley Mulsanne with extended wheelbase, he brought It to gratify himself as he clocked 52 years old in 2017, also it was rumoured that the Bentley Mulsanne he bought was the thirteenth out of the fifty ever produced in history, it costs about N200 million ($500, 000). He also has a Bentley Continental GT, Which costs about $300,000.
  • -     LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER: This car is a limited edition of Range Rovers, and black colored, it costs $90, 000 as a starting price.
  • -    MERCEDES G-WAGON: His love for good cars led him into having a Mercedes Benz product as part of his exotic car collection. The Mercedes Benz G-wagon is the latest version of its kind (2018 version) and it costs N44 million ($120, 000).
  • -    CARDILLAC ESCALADE: This is the car used by Olu Okeowo for most of his business meetings, it costs N30 million ($75, 000). That makes it a total of eleven cars in his $2 billion exotic garage.
His house is the biggest that has ever been built in Park view, located in the Ikoyi area of Lagos State; he calls it “Palacio De Okeowo”, because the house was designed to look like a King’s palace. It is a 5000 m2 which costs $3,000,000 and the sand filling also costs a lot of money too because it was built aroung a sea area. This palace like house of Olu Okeowo was built and completed in just 11 months and is valued at $12 million.


On the 31st of January this year, Custom officers in Nigeria stormed the house of Olu Okeowo to seize his cars, the Rolls Royce to the précised, on the claim that he refused to pay the import duties for them. It is possible it is due to the high cost of import duties in Nigeria, but that is all settled now and he has all his possessions back.


  • -          Unknown to the public, Olu Okeowo sings, so he has a scholarship programs for the choir of First Baptist Church.
  • -          He gives Medicated Glasses and also scholarships to the blind.
  • -          He sends people abroad, mostly those in the Gilbatrar Ochestra to build themselves up and acquire new skills.
  • -          He has the largest donation in the LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) since it started.


Olu Okeowo was born in the year 1965 (aged 53) to the family of Late Victor Taiwo Okeowo and is happily married to Adejoke Okeowo and has a son. 

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