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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Linda Ikeji: Biography Of The Richest Blogger in Nigeria (Very Touching)


If you are very much interested in the internet a whole lot, then there is no way you would not know the biggest blogger in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji recently known as Mama J. she has put in so much into her blogging business over the years that it has not only brought a lot of profit to her but also fame and so much recognition, she is the founder and CEO of Lindaikejisblog and Linda Ikejis TV. Today we would be looking into her biography because she has been quite an inspiration to most young Nigerians and also an inspiration to young bloggers.


FULL NAME: Her full and actual name is Linda Ifeoma Ikeji.

AGE: She is currently 38 years old, born on the 19th of September, 1980 at Nkwere, Imo State.

NET WORTH: Her updated net worth is about $12 million which when converted to Naira is about N3.2 Billion. She is known for now as the richest blogger in Nigeria.
STATE OF ORIGIN: she is an indigene of Imo State, Nkwere to be précised which was also where she was born and raised.

MARITAL STATUS: for now, she is single, but not searching. She is currently pregnant and she is yet to reveal to the public who the father of her baby is, but social media platform are guessing the father of her child is the business tycoon, Sholaye Jeremy from Delta state. And she recently came out with a post that the father of her child is “Tall, Dark and handsome” and he is also from Delta state, which is a step closer to proving he is the one. But we are still keeping our fingers crossed till she comes out with the full gist.

FAMILY: Linda ikeji being the oldest has 6 other siblings, they are; Laura Ikeji, Sandra Ikeji, Benita Ikeji, Vera Ikeji, Edna Ikeji and the only male child, Peks Ikeji. Out of all the siblings, we get to hear of Laura Ikeji most, she is the second child after Linda Ikeji, Vera Ichipi, although less popular than Laura is one of the younger sister who is based in the United States of America. Peks being the only boy among seven ladies is known to be the comedian in the house.


Linda Ikeji started her life from a very humble background, at a very young age she had had the consciousness of taking care of her family. At age 10, she began writing not knowing that would be what would turn her life around. When she was 17 years old, she finished her secondary school education and when she was 18 years old, she got admitted into the University of Lagos to study English Language where she got her degree. But while in school, she enrolled for so many jobs just to make ends meet, modeling was one of the many. But all she tried was not working out well for her.
In an interview, she gave a story of her life, and how she promised herself that she was never going to sallow any man take her for granted no matter what, giving the story of when a man was making advances at her and she was turning him down, at a point when she had no money on her, she decided to see him at an hotel, probably so he can atleast give her transport to return back home which will sustain her for a while, but when she got there, they ate and he started making his moves and she pushed him away and he got angry and left her there stranded, she cried back home.
She started he blog in 2006 (only doing it then as a hobby), not knowing it would be this profitable, and in 2007 she started blogging full time. Her success in the blogging game is as a result of her extreme hardwork in it. She started it when the Internet in Nigeria was not really pronounced, she usually go to the café whenever she wanted to post then. Of a fact, she enjoys what she does.


  • In 2012, she was among the 20 most prominent women in Africa by Forbes
  • In 2014, her name was the most searched on Google
  • In2012, BBC interviewed her on the Focus On Africa program
  • In 2018, she got her honorary doctorate degree in Georgia from Trinity International University, in Business and Media .
  • In 2013 she won the Nigeria’s Blog Award (NBA) for Best Entertainment Blog
  • Also in 2013, she won the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Award for Website/Blog of the Year.

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