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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Covenant University


There are so many Universities in Nigeria and all over the world, but today I chose to write about covenant university because it is one great school that have been making tremendous impact all around the world. This may seem strange because they started the school just 16 years ago, but believe me when I tell you that it is one of the best places one can find himself. One is not only taught on academic work, but is also taught in lifematics where you apply what you have been taught into real life, no wonder they graduate the most employable people in Nigeria for now. Let's look into who they really are and what the university does that makes them scale new heights every time.

1. It was founded by Bishop David Oyedepo, the General Overseer of the Living Faith church worldwide.

2. The school is just 16 years old now, it started in the year 2002.

3. They have ten (10) different halls of residence; 5 for the ladies and 5 for the male students and designed for so much comfort for the students.

4. They offer entrepreneurial development course that helps them understand entrepreneurship fully, then an entrepreneurial practical class.

5. They have being the Number one private university in Nigeria for a long time now. Last two years, they were the best university in Nigeria.

6. The school runs by rules and the student's hand book to shape the character of student for the greater good of them.

7. The school has core values which can be abbreviated as SIMCARDS, they include; Spirituality, Integrity, Possibility mentality, capacity building, responsibility, and sacrifice. 

8. They have chapel service designated for students on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Tuesday for the 300 level to 500 level students, Thursdays for the 100 and 200 level students.

9. The halls of residence are closed by 9pm to avoid lowering around of students in the night.

10. Phones are not allowed in the school, but laptops and tablets or Ipads (not simply enabled) are allowed. 

11. They run two semesters in a year; the alpha semester and the omega semester.

12. Covenant are partners with  NUC (Nigeria University Commission)  on 1st Directory of Full Professors in Nigerian Universities.

13. 40% of the top authors in Nigeria are from covenant university. 

14. They expel or suspends student when they are found guilty of breaking their rules.

15. They have several colleges; college of engineering, college of science and technology, college of strategic studies, college of Business etc

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