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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Bishop David Oyedepo Biography: Everything You Need To Know


Bishop David Oyedepo is known round the world as a man who has impacted a lot of people; even great men of God come to learn under him. He is the founder of the Living Faith Church worldwide, and ever since the church started operations in the year , it has been breaking new grounds. Let us look into what we should know about Bishop David Oyedepo and the Living Faith Church as a whole.



He has always carried a very strong passion for God ever since he gave his life to Christ at the age of 15. He was born on the 27th of September, 1954 (64 years) into a home where his father was a dedicated Muslim and his mother, a Christian who attended the C&S church (Cherubim and Seraphim). He is an indigene of Kwara State and his home town Omu-Aran. Although he did not spend most of his years with his parent because he was raised by his grandmother, whenever you hear him speak about his life, he always talks about how his grandmother taught him the keys to a successful life. There was a time he said humorously that if his grandmother was still alive, he would have bought her an aircraft of her own whether she will use it or not.
Bishop David Oyedepo got born again in the year 1969 that was when he was still a teenager at the age of 15. He giving his life to Christ was influenced by his spiritual teacher, Betty Lasher who he still communicate to till date.


He had both his primary and secondary school education in Kwara State, after which he was admitted into Kwara State Polytechnic to study Architecture where he got his degree. But before he went full time into ministry, he worked at Kwara State Ministry of Housing in Ilorin.
Apart from the degree in Architecture he got at Kwara State Polytechnic, he also got an honorary doctorate degree at Honolulu University in the United States of America (PHD in Human Development for his impact worldwide).


In the year 2015, Forbes estimated his total net worth to be $150 million, again earlier this year, other sites picked it up that he was worth $180 million. But in one of his meeting in July this year, he cleared the air and said he was worth more than that.
Believe me when I say he has a really beautiful garage. In the year 2013, members of the Living Faith Church donated over a hundred brand new SUV jeeps for ministry purpose, and he took some to himself and gave the remaining to his pastors. Also in the year, there was a huge gifting to the church of about seven hundred brand new exotic cars. Some of the cars were sold at extremely low prices to the church.
There have been controversies in the past on why the Bishop is flying private Jet and some of his members are suffering, little do they know that these private jets are used to take the word of God round the world. In the year 1996, he acquired a N100 million Jet which is an 8 seater, Hawker Sydney Jet. Eight years later (June, 2004), he got another which was a replacement for the first one and it was a Hawker Sydney 800A jet. Four years after (August, 2008), he obtained a challenger 604 jet, he also has a challenger 605 to his name. Finally, 7 months ago, he acquired a N14 billion Bombardier jet.



Bishop David Oyedepo got married to his wife Faith Oyedepo in the year 1982, and for 36 years they have been enjoying a hitch free marriage. Their love life is a really sweet one; they met at a motor park and became friends from there. In the year 1976, they started courting and that lasted for 6 years, and they got married finally in the year 1982, but just before they got married, he took her into the church and showed her all his vows to God, if she will still follow him regardless and she accepted and he gave her the vows to sign, which she did.
Life was not really rosy for them in the financial aspect when their marriage started, as at that time, the Bishop’s most prized possession was his beetle car, but God gave their marriage a turnaround into wealth as they went about doing God’s work.
Due to her very successful marriage for the past years, her ministry has been in the aspect of building a successful home, she speaks to young adults on ways to build their marital lives and unmarried ones on how to find the right persons, she has also written some books, they are;

  • Understanding motherhood
  • You are welcome to God’s family
  • The Healing scriptures
  • The healing ministry of Jesus Christ
  • The Force of Joy
  • The Force of Hope
  • The Effective Minister’s Wife
  • Marriage Covenant
  • Nurturing The Incorruptible Seed
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • The Power of The Communion Table
  • Raising Godly Children
  • Rescued From Destruction
  • Salvation, The Way of Escape
  • Service: The Master Key
  • Single With a Difference
  • A Living Witness
  • Building a Successful Family
  • Dating: A Biblical Guide
  • The Dignity of the Believer
  • Growing in Grace
  • Guidelines to Effective Personal Bible Study
  • Healing, Heath and Wholeness
  • Make Your Life Count
  • Making Marriage work.

She is a Senior Pastor and the Vice President of Education in Living Faith Church worldwide. She studied at the University of Ife, the same time Bishop David Oyedepo was schooling at Kwara State Polytechnic.


Bishop David Oyedepo and Pastor (Mrs.) Faith Oyedepo are blessed with four (4) children; Joys Oyedepo, Love Oyedepo Ogah, Isaac Oyedepo, and David Oyedepo Jnr.


This is the first child of the Bishop and his wife, he is a miracle child, he was born exactly Nine months after his parent got married (June 1st , 1983), which means he is currently 35 years old. It may interest you to know that he and his younger brother were ordained on the same day by the great man of God, Dr Kenneth Copeland.
The year he was born was the same year the Living Faith Church; Kaduna was commissioned which was the first Living Faith Church that ever existed. He studied at Oklahoma University and also at Oral Robert University. He has held many high positions even at his young age; he was the youngest member of the Board of Regents in Covenant University, Ota. He was the pastor in charge of Living Faith Church Europe Region, and was the first person to start the Kingdom Heritage School outside Nigeria and Africa.
Ever since the Living Faith Church Headquarters existed, Bishop David Oyedepo has always being the one taking the services, but in the year 2016 when he and his wife went on vacation for the first time ever, his son broke the record of taking the full five services.
Pastor David Oyedeo Jnr got married to Kemi nee Olubu (now Kemi Oyedepo) in the year 2008, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo was present at his wedding.


Pastor Isaac Oyedepo is the second Child of the Bishop. As stated earlier, he and his brother David, got Ordained the same day by Dr. Kenneth Copeland in May, 2007. He is the current Pastor in charge of the Living Faith Church Int’l, The South African region. He is happily married to Ayotomide Omogbadegun (got married in the year 2010) and are blessed with two (2) children.


The Ogah to her name is her husband’s name; Love oyedepo really had a very interesting ‘Love’ life, here is how it goes. She was studying at her father’s University, Covenant University and she met this guy who was her senior, Stephen Ogah. One thing led to another, and they became friends in school.
After they graduated from Covenant University, they started dating but not so deep initially, and Stephen Ogah became the personal assistant to Bishop David Oyedepo. Their love grew stronger after they were both at the bridal party of her elder brother.
These two love birds got married on the 23rd of March, 2013 and are blessed with a beautiful daughter. Currently her husband is the pastor at Maryland Living Faith Church, USA.


Joyce is still a student at an American University and she is the Last born of the family, although she has specific functions she performs in the church too.
The church was founded by Bishop David Oyedepo, God told him to seek a quiet place that he wants to talk to him and he went to a hotel and booked a room so he could have an alone time with God. He had an 18 hour vision where he received a mandate from God to liberate mankind, to restore the destinies of those that are broken and to bring healing to the sick.
Two years after getting the spiritual mandate from God, the church stated having just four members then in the year 1983. The church started in Kaduna first as the headquarters before it was moved down to canaanland in Ota, Ogun State.
Today, the church has over 50,000 members coming for each service and on Sundays, there are about four different services. Also the church now has over 6000 branches in 65 countries worldwide.

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