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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Aliko Dangote: The Biography Of The Richest Man In Africa


Everybody if you want to ask would be very pleased to be associated with the name “richest person” be it in their families, home town, community, state, country or even the world. It’s really sweet, but not everybody is willing to work that hard to get to such position. The richest man as of today in Africa is none other than the person of Aliko Dangote, he has worked extremely hard to get to the point where he is today. Although he is not from a poor background, he is not someone that was dependent on the wealth of his family. Today, we will have a look into the life of this great man. We will be looking into his full name, his date of birth and age, current net worth, family, how he started and many more, so sit back and relax and learn from him if possible because he is someone to look into.


ACTUAL AND FULL NAME: his name is Aliko Dangote (GCON)

AGE AND DATE OF BIRTH: He is currently 61 years old, born on the 10th of April, 1957.

STATE OF ORIGIN: He is an indigene of Kano State, Nigeria. That is also the place he was born. But he currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria.

MARITAL STATUS: For now, the wealthy business mogul is single, he took to his social media page recently though that he needs a wife. But at the earlier stage of his life, he was married not just once but twice. His parent looked for a wife for him when he was twenty years old; the marriage did not last as much as expected and led to a divorce. Then his eye caught the friend of the daughter of the late past president of the federal republic of Nigeria (Umaru Musa Yar’adua), but all advances made towards her were futile. He then got married to Maria Rufai, which also did not last as long as expected.

CHILDREN: From the two women he got married to, he is able to father 3 children at the moment (their lives not made public though), but we are aware of his three (3) daughters; Mriya, Halima, and Fatima.

NETWORTH: Before the unstable fluctuation of the dollar to naira, his networth was estimated to about $18 billion, but now it is dropped to about $14.1 billion (worth in March, 2018 by forbes). In an interview, he claimed that at the end of the year 2019, he wants to be worth $100 billion, if that is made possible, then I guess he would become the richest man in the world.

EDUCATION: He had his primary school education at Sheikh Ali Kumasi Mandrasa School in his community and he proceeded to capital high school where he had his secondary education completed. He could not go to the university immediately after that, he went fulltime into business but since he understood the importance of education to everyone, he started and completed his course at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt and had a degree in Business Studies and Administration.


He is known as a serial entrepreneur and he is involved in so many businesses, they are;
  • Dangote Sugar Refinery
  • Dangote Flour Mill
  • Dangote Oil and Gas
  • ALCO Int’l Limited
  • Dangote Textile Limited
  • Dangote Transport Limited
  • Dangote Cement Plc
  • Dangote Holdings Limited
  • Dancom Technology
  • Dansa Food
  • Blue star Limited
  • Dansa Food Processing Limited
  • Alheri Engineering Limited
  • Kura Holdings Limited
  • Greenview Int’l Limited and some more
  • The most popular out of his companies are the Dangote Sugar and Dangote Cement. But not too long ago, he started building his very own Oil and Gas refinery in Nigeria which would be in operation in the year 2020.


Dangote had always had an undying passion for business; there was a time he said that he remembered when he was in primary school then, that he would go out then, buy several cartons of sweets and he would start selling them just to make money. He said he was so interested in business even at that time of his life.
When he was 21 years old, he was able to convince his rich uncle to borrow him $3,000 to start a business, and the uncle borrowed it to him, giving him a deadline to pay back the money. He started importing commodities from international suppliers at wholesale prices and would sell them back in small quantities where he was. This resulted in him making huge profit, he said at that time he was making a profit of about $10,000 which made him pay his uncle’s loan in just three (3) month of starting his business.
Over the years, he has invested in so many things thereby growing his company’s name (Dangote group). During an interview with Aljazeera, he claimed that the companies do not save their money in the bank; rather they are re-invested for the growth of the company.
There was a time when he was in an interview and was asked how many hours he worked daily because so many people thought he kept the normal old schedule of 16 hours daily and he said he doesn’t work for 16 hours that he works for 18 hours in a day.


  • In 2014, he won the award of Forbes African person of the year
  • He was given honourary citizenship of Arkansas State in 2013
  • He won the Clinton Global Citizen award in the year 2015.

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