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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Use Twitter in Nigeria Without VPN

 Use Twitter in Nigeria Without VPN

After the recent suspension of Twitter platform in Nigeria, many Nigerians have been looking for ways to get connected to the platform and most of them resorted to using VPN.

Now, using VPN actually comes with it's own disadvantage as your information that you want to be private is no longer private but it is now in the public and the creators of the particular VPN you are using can access those information without stress.

Which means, you really would not like to do that especially if you have confidential information with you.

What's the way forward then?

There are several ways to get connected to the platform even without thinking first about VPN and one of those days I'll be showing you is to configure your port number manually.

When you got your sim, regardless of your network, you had an automatic configuration to the internet even without your permission, which means the service providers had the right to block whatever they want to block and give you access if they want to.

There are several codes to use which I will be sharing in my next post.

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