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Thursday, June 17, 2021

KPMG Assessment Centre Process

 KPMG Assessment Centre Process

Congratulations, you have passed the KPMG test, the next thing to think about is the assessment centre in order to take you a step further into getting that dream job you desire.

You may be wondering if the process is difficult to follow and succeed. Believe me when I say the process is very clean and easy to scale through of you follow the tips that I will be sharing in this article.

Due to the pandemic, physical activities has been reduced and the KPMG assessment centre is no longer physical but virtual. Therefore it means that if you are going through the process, your internet must be very strong, else, it will just be kicking you out all the time.

Secondly, I noticed that when alot of people were doing the assessment centre, they made use of phones, which gave them alot of issues as the assessors could not see them properly and that already is making you loose marks already.

Now let's dive straight into the process.

1. Group Discussion: this is the first thing you start with, whereby the HR team gives the candidates a case study to brainstorm on and come up with a solution within twenty minutes. It means you must be thinking as fast as possible else you may just loose out. When it's time to talk to your group members, some of the HR personnels will be with all of you to know how you respond and grade you accordingly.

2. Presentation: you may think you have dodged the group study and scaled through. That is not true, you will still have to present the same case study individually and time will be given to you for that. If you need guide with how to prepare your presentation, drop it in the comments section.

3. First stage interview: there is going to be a first stage interview for candidates during the assessment centre with prepared questions. So be ready for it.

I wish you the very best.

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