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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Kaisha and Lucy F!ghts at #BBNaijaReunion

 Kaisha and Lucy F!ghts at #BBNaijaReunion 

People did not expect the show to turn out with so much drama, but it is filled with characters that have a lot of drama in them.

Tonight episode was about that of Ka3na, Kaisha and Lucy which led to a heated argument and made the organizers of the show to cut some scenes out of it.

Kaisha was expressing herself on the time when her mother wanted to take photo with Ka3na and she disrespected her mother by telling her to come to meet her to take the photos.

When Lucy interfered, she told Lucy not to talk about her family again and Lucy continue, which led to Kaisha throwing pillow at her and Lucy reacted immediately, but it was cut off for viewers.

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