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Saturday, May 29, 2021

How To Know your Boyfriend is Cheating

 How To Know your Boyfriend is Cheating

Alot of times , I've been hit with this question, do you really know when a guy is Cheating? Or do you just assume he is Cheating on you because of what your mind is telling you.

In this short article, I will give you precise tips on how to know if he's really cheating on you or not.

You see several relationships some who have been together more than two years complaining on this same issue.

1. Stops replying your messages: when you see he stops replying you even when he is online, there's a very high chance he may be cheating on you with another.

2. He does not call you as often anymore: if you know that he is not busy and doesn't just call you intentionally. He just might be spending his airtime on another lady he finds more "interesting" than you.

3. If he ignores you most times: there are busy times in a man's life. But he cannot always be busy. At least he should be able to find time for you if he loves you. If he cannot do that on weekdays, how about weekends?

The best thing to do if you see any signs that he is Cheating on you is to sit down like matured adults to resolve it. Rather than escalating the matter beyond what it already is.

It could be because of other reasons too.

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