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Monday, February 8, 2021

Why You Should Not Invest In Bitcoin Now!

Why You Should Not Invest In Bitcoin Now!

There has been so much rally on the biggest Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and as investors see it rising , they feel it is a rush hour for them to buy more into the market and probably gain excess profit from their actions.

Well, you may want to think twice after reading this article. Now, one of my greatest observation on the crypto market is that there are alot of people investing without having adequate knowledge on where the market is headed and zeo knowledge of what truly influences the Bitcoin market or crypto as a whole.

Currently, the price of Bitcoin is hig and what is the cause of the overnight rise? The founder of Tesla, Elon Musk invested a  huge sum of $1.5  billion  which rose the crypto by 14 percent and because of this rise, people are rushing to invest.

In my previois post, I wrote about some of the factors that influences the crypto market and one of them was Big investors. the disadvantage is that when the big investors pull out their funds from the crypto market, there is a huge drop and will affect the smaller investors greatly.

If there was a case that will make Elon Musk pull out of their market after such a huge investment, the market is going to feel the impact, thereby leading to a drop in this crypto.

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