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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Lady Involed in the #Lautech Trending Video Revealed!

Lady Involed in the #Lautech Trending Video Revealed!

Ladokites all over Nigeria have come out to react after the video of some of their students started trending. Many revealed that when they saw the trends initially they never imagined that it could be because of this.
But what surprised many was when the lady involved came out to the public to say that she is proud of what she did and that it is her profession and it pays her well.

She also added that she does not really care about what people say about her or thinks about her showing more pride in what she do.

The lady is actually a pretty girl who is currently a student of Lautech and many never expected that a lady with this looks should be going around doing what she does.

OPINION: No matter what youu try to do in this life, always remember that you have a future to protect, making a video of yourself to be shared to the public just to trend for the moment is not the way to go in the century and in this times that we live in, so let us all be watchful with the things we share onine because internet never forgets.

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