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Monday, February 22, 2021

How To Build a Professional Linkedin Profile

 How To Build a Professional Linkedin Profile

Reading this article means you are either looking for a job or looking for a greener pasture. One of the means to get that dream job you have been looking for in a very long time is building your linkedin profile. 

Many people just look at Linkedin as just another social media platform where they just wake up and dump whatever information they think about forgetting the person that has the key to give them that dream career may just be the one to read that post.

For me, I see Linkedin as a first recruitment platform where you sell yourself with your profile and if it is not rich enough, may be ignored like some million others.

Make your profile as professional and catchy as possible, else, people will loose interest. Always try to gather marketable skills and qualifications in line with what you are looking forward to having. For someone doing accounting, you can become chartered and design your linkedin profile, then create a post to tell the world that "yes, I just got chartered today".

You can also politely enter into people's DMs that can help you. Some employers may not have the time to start looking itnto each person's profile, but they can read your one minute pitch you send them as a message. so make that move today and do not loose your opportunity to succeded

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