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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Full Video: The #Lautech Trend

Full Video: The #Lautech Trend

Alot of people came online on social media today and found a very interesting trend that caught the attention of many and it was relating to a Nigerian higher institution and it caught the attention of many as to what they saw in that particular trend.

A Twitter user came out to share some tweets of a Lautech student who was seen in a video with two roommates that booked her to come over to the house and the moments were shared online to the whole world.

There are some reactions from social media users today and here are some of the top commentson the videos shared.

"You can only choose what you see! Lautech is my alma-mater, Thousands of Ladokites are doing great out there" Elijah said in a comment.

"No one is a saint and we all at some point have done some things and that's why i choose the location myself, we head over to anywhere I choose and once we there, both phones will be switched off. I have a future to protect and I cannot chsange it over pleasure" Royalty father.

The lady involved also came out today to say she does not really care about the whole trends around her

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