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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

See The Man Who Started GB Whatsapp

 See The Man Who Started GB Whatsapp

I have been seeing a whole lot of non GB Whatsapp users complaining that those using GB Whatsapp are invading on their privacy as to the fact that even when they delete or try to delete messages or status, the other individual at the other end sees it and probably smiles seeing it.

There are some interesting features on GB Whatsapp and many new features are updating daily making non users even angrier by the day. Some of those features includes:

FEATURES OF GB WHATSAPP (That you probably do not know about)

- Anti Delete status: From the name, it is very self explanatory, when someone at the other end deletes his or her status, you can still see it for the next 24 hours like it was never deleted.

- Anti Delete Message: Just like the anti delete status, this feature makes one still view messages even after it has been deleted.

- Voice Changer: This is a new feature to those using the new version 3.7 whereby you can change your voice when sending voice  notes to the receiver.

Now you may be asking, who is the person behind the whole GB Whatsapp, Here is he>>>>

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