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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

More Features You Never Knew Were in GB Whatsapp

 More Features You Never Knew Were in GB Whatsapp

I saw the trend this morning on Twitter social media platform of so many people complaining of those using the other type of whatsapp called GB Whatsapp, and why is that? because they feel there is no privacy when chatting and posting status.

GB Whatsapp came out now so long ago which features that can make you see someone's status and messages even after they may have deleted it. 

Sometimes some people make mistakes by sending messages to people they do not want to send it to, and it will only leave a GB Whatsapp person smiling because he has seen it already.

Someone once told me that those using GB whatsapp are people that have trust issues and they should be feared and I just laughed.

Now there are some new features in the new version of GB Whatsapp that might get those not using it even more angry or tempted to want to start using it. depends on their mood.

The new Version 8.70 provides the voice changer for voice notes. You may speak to someone and they will think its someone else speaking to them. 

what does it offer?

I will share a screenshot of some of the new features for you to feast on it generously and download the version of whatsapp below.

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