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Friday, January 1, 2021

Lady Who Claimed To Date Dangote Shows Proof

 Lady Who Claimed To Date Dangote Shows Proof

Starting the year's trend is the Africa's Richest Man, Aliko Dangote who was been shared by three Ladies on social media as each showed proofs of the times and moment they shared with him.

Twitter users came to the trend to react to the recent trend with most of them expressing their shocks individually as they felt he could not have been involved in it.

Dangote is known not only for his billion dollars net worth, but he is also known for his hard working schedules, which is why it is a surprise to many that he had the time to keep three Ladies at his grasp.

Aliko Dangote has gained influence all over the world for his wealth and awards and even hits the Forbes list almost every time.

The trend was first launched by a lady called Bea Lewis, (@iambealewis) who wrote her new year message relating it to the time she shared with him and how it felt dating the richest man in Africa, but her heart was broken.

She even went ahead to share the Valentine card she bought for him on their last Val's day together.

Two others followed the trend and one of them messaged Lewis to send her a DM as they are both sister's in the Dangotes matter.

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