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Monday, January 25, 2021

How To Make Money in 2021

 How To Make Money in 2021

If you are thinking many good money in this year 2021 is difficult, then I think you need to read this carefully. I was thinking really hard some days ago as I knew so many people had a lot of challenges they passed through in the year 2020.

I could remember at some point while taking a stroll close to my apartment that everywhere became like a car dealer shop as people were looking for instant money by selling their belongings.

But is that the way forward? Definitely NOT!

There are so many mistakes a lot of friends here made in the year 2020 that should NEVER be repeated in the year 2021, else you may just end up being as broke as you were then. Lets get into it very quickly!

During the period of the pandemic, so many organizations discovered they could do without some of their staffs and still achieve better results. So they had to let go of some staffs and that left people jobless thereby increasing the rate of unemployment.

But can I interest you with this? Let me not call it a shocker, but I am sure it will hit you hard that people still made a whole lot of money despite others loosing money.

What is the clear path to take and how do I fit in?

There are so many things I wish i knew before now that would have made me a better person, but guess what, 2020 is not a time to be making excuses, it is a year to take charge!

So now what things or what steps should I take Joe?

1. Build Your Skills: The world is fast changing and what you think you know several years ago is definitely not applicable in today's world. The best thing to do is to reinvent yourself with the new trends. I met a man who said he knew accounting so much, but still doesn't know much about the fintech world, that type of person may not be able to survive in the world of work in the next ten years of his career.

2. Learn New Skill: The fact that you know how to do somethings does not mean you should relax and not out your hands in learning others. what if what you know is not needed tomorrow, will you go broke because of that or will you sit down in your house weeping and wailing on why you should have learnt them since? I believe in diversification, which means learning as many skills as possible. For instance, the money you would have spent calling an electrician when you can learn the basics of fixing your socket yourself or light bulb and all that.

3. Invest Not Save: So many people ignore the word "investment" even if it keeps ringing in their ears everyday. I intentionally put the word there "Not Save" for a reason. Now, some countries experience some funny inflation rate that the money you have saved in the bank last year is not the same amount you have there this year as that same amount cannot afford what you should have bought years back. Instead invest it in genuine savings.

Please make the best use of your year 2021 as I want to hear great news from you everyday!

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