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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Seven Days After The Lekki Massacre, Things To Know

 Seven Days After The Lekki Massacre, Things To Know 

The Lekki Massacre happened on the 20th of October, 2020 when a group of peaceful protesters who gathered at Lekki toll gate were alarmed as soldiers who were at the location opened fire at them.

Nigerians are still out trying to figure out who ordered the shooting that caused she lives of many of the protesters. 

According to the Governor of Lagos State, Nigeria, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, several investigations are already being carried out to figure out who led the shooting that day which is popularly known today as #BlackTuesday to honor those who wanted to find a good cause for the country and became victims as a result.

The Minister of housing, Babatunde Fashola who came to the point where it happened at Lekki Toll gate found a mystery camera which alarmed many Nigerians as Lawma already claimed to clean the crime scene, also some "abokis".

Initially when the Governor of the state was asked who was behind the shooting on that day, he claimed they were forces beyond him and that statement led to alot of reactions on the internet which made him come out to clarify what he meant by the "forces", saying that it is not in his power as a state governor to give orders to the Nigerian military to go about their duties.

Yesterday also, being the 26th of October, 2020, an information was shared by one famous Twitter user, Dr. Olufunmilayo who claimed a panel was set up to create social media bill to regulate what goes on social media in Nigeria so as to make people forget what happened that night at Lekki Toll gate, he also added that the Actor and house of Assembly member, Desmond Elliot was a part of that. 

Desmond Elliot on coming out of the hearing reacted to the post by Dr. Olufunmilayo saying the State house of assembly do not have the power to make such laws and that information needs to be verified before getting out to the public.

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