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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Money, Phone Collected From Man Protesting (Video)

 Money, Phone Collected From Man Protesting (Video)

A middle aged man has cried out after his phone and a sum of N35,000 (thirty five thousand Naira) was collected from him while he was protesting.

According to him, this was done by the SARS unit and all he wants at the moment is for the money to be given back to him and his phone also.

This morning, there were also reports that while peaceful protesters were on the road going about their #EndSARS protest, some men came around to chase them away. 

According to some, they claimed that these men were sent by government officials to disrupt their protest and prevent them from further protest and assured the public that they will find out who sent the people to them and make sure they bring them to justice.

Meanwhile, the #EndSARS protest continues in different parts of the country.

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