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Monday, October 12, 2020

How To Conquer Depression

 How To Conquer Depression

Depression is one issue faced by many people especially with the recent Covid 19 where people lost their jobs, get fat at home without doing anything.

In this article, I will be teaching you how to deal with depression and feel very happy regardless of the situation you're facing currently.

Depression has led to so many things in the past. I knew of a medical doctor who just stopped his car close to a large river and jumped into it.

Some times depression is not caused by money alone but some other factors, such as love, rejections, disappointments and many more.


Depression comes, but the good news too is that it can go. In the past too, I've felt depressed and I will be sharing with you how it worked for me. 


Permit me to say that there's a great spirit behind smiling always. Not everyone knows this. Why people get depressed is because even after the situation hits them, the sympathy from people even make it worse, or scolding from others. It may not even be as bad as they will make it feel like it is.

But if you're always smiling regardless of the situation, you'll be shocked how you'll start feeling. I don't mean fake smiles, but genuinely smiling.

What I do most days is that I make sure I watch a comedy on my phone or laptop.


Talking to someone about what issue you're going through is important as it will help lighten it up. But get this, it is not everyone you tell about your problems that will help you out with it. In fact, there was a statistic that 80% of people you tell your problems do not care, 10% are happy that you're going through those problems. Only 10% really cares. So why not tell those 10% that will continually check up on you. It helps alot.

Do not tell someone who will castigate you more. One man who was going through depression as he just lost his job went home to tell his nagging wife, she added to it by saying "I regret the day I married you, I am disappointed in you, your children are disappointed in you" and the man stepped out and went to kill himself. They didn't hear from him in a long time and when they got to where he was. They saw the note he dropped there, writing that he is tired of life.

So know the people you tell your problems to.

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