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Monday, October 26, 2020

How Much is Sachet Tomato in Your Area?

 How Much is Sachet Tomato in Your Area?

I really need to know what is going on. Just yesterday I stepped out to go and get sachet tomato as it was what was needed to complete my Delicious Spaghetti delicacy. When I got to the shop, I found out that it now costed me N150 to get one which left me in shock.

I could still remember some years ago when I could buy these tomatoes for N50 and still feel like I have spent so much Money, but now, it has become a norm to benchmark the price to triple it's original amount?

I had to go out to ask questions and many were relating it to the the Naira-dollar exchange rate. Do you feel that could be the reason for the increase? Some other blamed it on the increase in production cost that has increased in the country. 

UPDATE: from the reactions i got from some people in other states. They said they can get these for N120 and some others said N130. Who knows if the price is still going to increase in the next few months.

Let's discuss here.

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