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Friday, October 16, 2020

BREAKING: Anonymous Hacks Nigerian Broadcasting, NBC

 BREAKING: Anonymous Hacks Nigerian Broadcasting, NBC

Following the #EndSARS protests that has been ongoing in Nigeria for some time now, the Anonymous group has recently asked Nigerians how they could be of help to them in these trying times.

Today, they showed a little of what they could do by hacking the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, NBC and typed some messages there and asked Nigerians to give them a list of more things that they can hack to join in these protest.

See photo...

Recall that Nigerians have been all out on the street trying to seek justice to those that has been in the past stopped by SARS and are innocent and those innocent others that had lost their lives and loved ones in the process.

Some others are out on the street praying for the nation to get better. Many celebrities, CEOs. religious leaders have also joined in the peaceful protest as they lent their voices to the youths who are displeased by the current situation of the nation.

Some of the protesters were seen to have slept at the point of the protest ground, as they are been fed properly there. According to sources, Over seventy million naira has been raised for this cause alone.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey also opened donations of Bitcoins to Nigerians for people all over the world to join in the #EndSARSNow protest.

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