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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Aisha Yesufu: "I Was Fired By Police During Protest"

 Aisha Yesufu: "I Was Fired By Police During Protest"

Aisha Yesufu is who is one of the frontiers of the #EndSARS protest revealed in an interview today that she was fired by the Nigerian police while protesting in Abuja on Saturday but was surprised that she was not hit.

According to her, the youths should not be distracted but keep on pushing till their demands are met by the Nigerian government.

Today, while protesters were having their peaceful protest in some parts of Lagos, they were disrupted by some men whose photos were taken.

The youths promised to find out those who are behind sending those men to the venue of the protest and also promised to get k the bottom of it.

Meanwhile the protest continues in different parts of the country and outside Nigeria as some celebrities, CEOs and religious leaders led some of them in different parts.

Some days ago, the Inspector General of Police Said they have ended the SARS team in Nigeria and created SWAT, but the youths are still against it as they felt it would still be the same issues all over again.

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