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Thursday, September 24, 2020

See Why "She's 15" is Trending

 See Why "She's 15" is Trending

Many woke up this morning to see the trend of "She's 15" and are wondering why they did not see any video or reason why it is trending.

The person that posted the video on Twitter removed the video as many people came for him on his DM. But the post featured a fifteen year old girl who was seriously taking w**d.

He wrote "Y’all hate this particular girl or why this faux outrage. 
What’s bad about a 15yo doing w**d?
Most of y’all did worse things at the same age"

OPINION: I don't feel a fifteen year old girl should be involved in that. Our culture does not permit that, and she is still a teenager. It is not even good for people above the teenage age, so defending her act is not right to me.

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